This page will be used to publish information that has not yet been published in the twice-annual Newsletter.

This article is compiled from notices in the Haltonian Magazine
The Association Council is currently looking at a number of options that will be needed to continue with the Association beyond the closer of RAF Halton in c2020.
1.  Investigating two options for continuing the membership arm of the Association:
   (a) Affiliation with the Royal Air Force Association (membership fee).
   (b) Individual Branch/Entry arrangements (e.g. as per 89th Entry Association).
2.  Agreement with St Clement Danes to lay up the Standard and display Roll of Honour.
3.  Safeguarding the Entries stained glass windows.
4.  Safeguarding the No 1 School of Technical Training archives.
5.  Continue the publication of the Haltonian in hard copy until 2020 provided level of subscriptions permits.  Because so many of the current subscribers too up a ‘life’ subscription, there are insufficient annual subscriptions to continue beyond 2020.
7.  Seek new Trustees (volunteers) as the current Trustees are in their 70s and 80s.
8.  Find new home from with the Association can operate.  Suggestions range from another RAF Station to running an entirely virtual environment.
9.  Possibly seek corporate support to off-set some of the costs of running the Association.
Someone will need to lead each of the above strands and so the Association Council is seeking volunteers, with the right expertise, to research and implement these options over the next few months and years.  Should you be in a position to comment or assist with any of these matters get in touch by emailing or write to:
Building 412
RAF Halton
Bucks, HP22 5PG